Thermophobia cover
Cover of my new book, Thermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming. Click on the cover image to find out more.

My first introduction to science was through astronomy and the exploration of other planets. Though my early impetus was from the creativity of science fiction, the form and beauty of science, mathematics and logic kept me digging to learn more.

For me, mathematics was merely an easy and fun game of figuring out puzzles. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know—electronics, physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, anthropology, geology, oceanography, planetology, climate and more.

I came to be dismayed when I found admired scientists committing the sins of logical fallacies—grave errors of muddy thinking. I started to investigate the philosophy of science itself and found that it was flawed. I also discovered that the biggest enemy of science is in the ego of people, including scientists.

This section of my website will explore the following areas of thought and how they relate to science:

  • Fields — especially my favorites, climate, archaeology, geology and astronomy.
  • Logic — critical thinking, plus logical fallacies and how to overcome them.
  • Mathematics — the backbone of applied science and the language by which it is spoken.
  • Philosophy — the methods and reasoning of science’s approach to studying the natural world.