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My earliest interests focused on ontology and personal certainty. These are pretty heavy topics for a three-year-old, but this is the earliest that I remember having thought of these things. Certainly, my interest was borne out of earlier infancy. How is such a thing possible? Because we are each not the physical bodies we wear.

Throughout my life, I have questioned my beliefs and attempted to empty my cup to have it filled with the next banquet of understanding. Thus, I have studied comparative religion, experimented with miracles and struggled to obtain a spiritual understanding of ancient religious texts.

I came to understand that there are two faces to religion. First, we have the face destroyed by ego—the selfishness of emperors who wanted to mangle the religion in order to use it as a tool for control. Second, we have the earlier face which shines with the light of God and Truth.

In the spirit part of my website, we will explore,