This page covers a brief overview of Rod Martin, Jr., the website, and his pen name, Carl Martin.

About Rod Martin, Jr.

Brief Biography

rod_martin_512x512Rod Martin has spent a lifetime studying ontological philosophy and nearly as long studying the sciences. He has realized how tank (radio tuning) circuits are found throughout nature, because every atom is both a coil and a capacitor and precisely tuned to its own set of frequencies. He has understood how gases, like carbon dioxide, can be considered greenhouse agents, receiving and absorbing infrared frequencies, while ignoring visible light frequencies. He has found secret wisdom hidden in the Bible for thousands of years, and he has understood the formation of stellar-planetary systems. Martin has seen miracles and come to understand the inner workings of electronic devices.

Mr. Martin has taken his deep appreciation of science and created with it, adding his artistic talents and knowledge of mathematics. In the 70s and 80s, he created spacescapes—landscapes of other worlds, with one-person shows at world-renowned Griffith Observatory, the Bonaventure’s Allegra Design, and other venues. His art was selected by two-time Academy Award-winning designer, Saul Bass, for the short science fiction film, Quest, from a Ray Bradbury short story.

When Mr. Martin turned his interests to computer science and software engineering, he gained a degree, summa cum laude, and created “Stars in the NeighborHood” 3D astronomy space software. He also worked with companies like Control Data, Ceridian Payroll Services, Bank of America, Global Database Marketing and IPRO Tech.

In 1983, he and a friend wrote Touch the Stars: Emergence. Mr. Martin has since written and published the sequel, Touch the Stars: Diaspora, plus two spin-off novels, Edge of Remembrance: Gods and Dragons, plus Edge of Remembrance: Tales of Atlantis Lost.

Now, Mr. Martin writes full-time and lives with his wife, Juvy, in the Philippines.

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More on Rod Martin’s books may be found at https://tharsishighlands.wordpress.com/books/.


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About the Website

This site is one of nearly two dozen created by Rod Martin, Jr. The purpose of this site is to discuss two key areas of interest:

  1. Spiritual understanding. Why would a scientist write about such things? Because spirit is part of our reality and, it seems, the controlling factor in both halves of our universe. Those who dismiss such things merely because they’ve never seen or felt spirit or spiritual effects, do not deserve to be called “scientist.” Why? Because they are using a logical fallacy (argument to ignorance) and remain blinded by their own arrogance. These are not the traits of a true scientist. We all need restraint and humility before we can discover new things.
  2. Scientific understanding. Why would a spiritual person write about such things? Because science is the technique by which we gain more understanding of the physical side of reality. Our universe is like a giant puzzle. As Einstein once said*, “I want to know how God created this world.”

With humility we remain open to new answers. With critical thinking, we can look at the answers we receive and place them in a hierarchy of context and understanding. Always, we need to remain humble to the idea that our hierarchy may be flawed.

About Carl Martin

Carl Martin is the fiction pen name of Rod Martin, Jr. It is also the name used for his creation of space software and non-fiction works related to space science.

Books by Carl Martin

Mr. Martin’s science fiction books may be found at https://tharsishighlands.wordpress.com/books/#fiction.

Software by Carl Martin

“Stars in the NeighborHood” 3D astronomy software may be found at https://spacesoftware.wordpress.com/buy-now/.

Award-Winning Writing by Carl Martin

Outsiderness in the Scientific Community“—Krupnick Award, first place essay, Los Angeles, 1996.

“Toady”—Dutton Books Award, first place short story, Los Angeles, 1996.

*Quote of Albert Einstein from “A Talk with Einstein,” The Listener 54 (1955) p. 123