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Without civilization, we’d all be scrambling to find food, procreating, sleeping and little else. Civilization is the great organizer. It has had its problems, but the benefits we gain from it far outweigh  the drawbacks.

With civilization, we have the time to investigate nature, to develop art and culture, and to explore our spiritual aspect with a depth of vision simply not possible for hunter-gatherers of the past. Our vast reservoir of knowledge makes it possible to examine the thoughts of others across thousands of years. This distilled wisdom is at the heart of civilization’s treasure.

We can learn a great deal by studying history, comparing it with current events and examining the problems we face. There are patterns in our society that provide clues to our current barriers and that hint at better solutions. But any solution needs to come to us after patient deliberation. Too many so-called “solutions” have been the source of countless new problems. Those who call for “immediate action” all too often do not have our best interests in mind. And when those others use name-calling to guilt others into following their suggestions, we have to resist the egoistic temptation to give in to their knee-jerk reactions.

Civilization is a precious commodity. We must protect it from those who would destroy it or attempt to control it for some baser purpose. Those who have power tend to want more of that power. Some of the rich, for instance, would love to eliminate all competition and to turn civilization into a beehive of obedient drones all doing their bidding. Sounds good for them, but what is lost to all of humanity by having such ordered slavery? I think the answer is obvious, but let me spell it out for those who are curious: The full potential of civilization is lost if we give in to tyranny for a few scraps of so-called “safety.” The heart and soul of humanity is erased by such top-down selfishness.

I care about our planet and our civilization. I love the idea of a shining world of prosperity, where all have the freedom to explore their own creativity. I love the idea of starships carrying a benevolent and fruitful humanity to the stars. But so long as people have egos (selfishness), civilization and every human individual remains at risk. So, we must remain vigilant.

In this section of the website, I will explore many aspects of civilization which remain important to our future, covered by the following categories: