Rod Martin, Jr.

The following list details some of my more important projects—current, near future, long range and completed. I’ve also included a list of efforts I wholeheartedly support. Civilization, American liberty and personal freedoms are under attack. While our attention needs to be focused on building an even better future, we also need to be aware of those forces which mean to destroy our efforts.

Efforts I Support

Current Projects

  • BOOK: Mission: Atlantis
  • BOOK: Four Elements of God

Near Future Projects

  • BOOK: Atlantis: Evidence of the Event
  • BOOK: Leftist Capitalism
  • BOOK: Pangaea Sister Sites
  • BOOK: Atlantis: Location
  • BOOK: Tree of Life (Book 2: The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom series)
  • BOOK: Planets for Humanity
  • Civilization Restoration Kit — A collection of information for individuals to use in rebuilding civilization, should the need arise.
  • Civilization Uplift Kit — A collection of information for individuals and nations to use in converting third-world entities into first-world entities.

Long Range Projects

  • Infinity Dynamics (InDyn) University
    • K-PhD education, critical thinking, creativity
    • InDyn Labs (physics, chemistry, software)
    • InDyn Business Incubator
    • InDyn Spiritual Center
  • Mining and manufacturing (high tech and eco-friendly)
  • Energy company (high-tech and eco-friendly)
  • Transportation company (high-tech and eco-friendly)

Completed Projects

Books, written and published.

Videos, produced and published.

Software, programmed and published.