Humble Confidence — Critical Distinctions

Some time ago, I wrote an article on humble confidence that created its share of confusion and disagreements. This revealed several things: The inadequacy of the human language to discuss spiritual things, The lack of skill of the writer, and The lack of sufficient creative intelligence of the reader to bridge the communication gap. Even … More Humble Confidence — Critical Distinctions

Being There

One of the most spiritually profound movies I’ve ever seen was the 1979 comedy named Being There, with Peter Sellers (1925–1980) as the star. The movie poster suggests its spiritual nature, but the scene-by-scene depiction of Chauncey Gardiner (a.k.a. Chance the gardener), masks the true power of this meek individual. The ironic humor of this … More Being There

Barriers to Miracles

A rock cannot perform a miracle. It is an artifact of this physical universe. Miracles are done from the viewpoint of spirit; not from the body or ego. If anything is important in our life, then likely we are not in spirit. And by “important” I mean anything that causes us concern, worry, fear, anger, … More Barriers to Miracles

Reverse Vectors — Methods for Removing Fear and Doubt from Prayer

Fixing the Stalled Prayer or Miracle God wants us to grow up. He wants us to learn how to ask properly. Learning this requires that we take full responsibility, retain utter humility and unconditional love, and muster fearless confidence. Quite often these seem more difficult than they sound. Fear can get in the way. So … More Reverse Vectors — Methods for Removing Fear and Doubt from Prayer

Conditional Sidebar Widgets – Making a Website More Flexible

If you have your own website, whether it’s hosted professionally, or it’s a freebie, it’s nice to have a certain amount of easy programmability. On WordPress sites, for instance, we might see a sidebar next to our articles. For beginners, this sidebar will likely remain unchanging. It might contain a search input textbox, a list … More Conditional Sidebar Widgets – Making a Website More Flexible