Rod Martin, Jr.

Exploring our civilization & universe

Exploring our civilization & universe


Helping artists find their muse, scientists discover better critical thinking, and the spiritually inclined find the bliss of selflessness

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Welcome! I’ve been a Hollywood artist with screen credit and several one-man art shows. I’ve been a software engineer with a science degree, summa cum laude. And I’ve been a writer with two dozen published books in my own pen names (Carl Martin and Rod Martin, Jr.), plus ghostwriter of more than 60 books for my clients.

I have dozens of interests that cover the gamut of our colorful civilization—from art and writing, to science and mathematics, and beyond to spirit and miracles. Though I’m still learning after more than 70 years, I thought it time to start teaching others what I’ve learned. I hope these things can be an inspiration for your own additions to civilization.

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