Rod Martin, Jr.Since 2010, I’ve been concentrating on my writing career. I’ve written hundreds of blogs and dozens of ghostwritten books. I’ve written ad copy, marketing collateral, white papers and more.

What makes me unique? I have a penchant for turning complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts that even a barmaid can understand.

I’ve also written more than a dozen books under my own pen names (Rod Martin, Jr., for most non-fiction, and Carl Martin, for fiction and space-related non-fiction).

My customers have said some pretty amazing things about my writing. I’ve worked with customers from all over the world—Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, United States. My writing peers have also appreciated my work.

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Writing Work Testimonials

Writing Testimonials: Swedish Flag“Recommended writer We’ve worked with Rod for several months now and want to continue to do so in the future. The writing is captivating and we always look forward to reading the manuscript.”
Peter and Jenny Holmquist, Energikontroll i Norrland Handelsbolag, Sweden

“Rod did a great job and will definitely hire him again.”
Norah Jaber, Masters Degree Candidate, Qatar

Writing Testimonials: California FlagWriting coach and editor for memoir project
“Thanks so much, Rod. Very grateful for your help and support. Your comments and guidance are super helpful…. I love the clarity of how you break things down.”
Justin Hilton, Hilton Properties, San Francisco, California

“Great editor, recommended.”
Ben Perry, Empirical Media LLC, Carlisle, PA

Writing Testimonials: Singapore Flag“Awesome writer to work with! Thanks Rod!”
Mingo Ong, Singapore

“He has an inspiring writing style. He is also very polite. I recommend him enthusiastically!”
Jonathan Mitchell, Turkey

Writing Testimonials: Washington State Flag“Great work as always! Great communication and adherence to deadlines! Thanks Rod!”
Joseph Delgadillo, JerryBanfield.com, Spokane Valley, WA

“Thank you for a job well done.”
Jeff Testerman, USA

Writing Testimonials: Netherlands Flag“Rod continues to be a responsive, quality writer. I’m very glad I found him!”
Juliette Siegfried, ServingMed, Netherlands

“Rod was a joy to work with and produced some very nice content. I would work with him again.”
Andrea Dahl, Project CAP Marketing, Insurance Industry Web Content, Minnetonka, MN

Writing Testimonials: USA Flag“Thank you for another solid performance.”
Brian Ward, USA

Applications Developer — Content Writer
“What can I say, working with Rod was an absolute pleasure!”
Rizwan Raza, Australia

Writing Testimonials: India FlagEbook Writer
“Rod is an amazing writer. He did fantastic work on my ebook and I will hire him again and again.”
Bill G., Teknikforce, India

“Rod is a very strong writer with creative ideas. He’s absolutely reliable about sticking to deadlines and following guidelines. I’d definitely hire him again.”
Kate Bell, EF Copywriters, France

Writing Testimonials: Canada FlagWOTR Publishing — Editor
“Rod tweaked and polished a 25,000-word manuscript, and it was accepted for publication. Thank You!”
Chris Hanus, Canada

Facebook — writer
“If your looking 100% customer satisfaction, hire Rod. He will make sure that the end product is done to your liking. Rod is fully dedicated to his task and his work shows for it.”
Reema S., USA

Promotional Copy for Sales Video
“Rod is one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He created an awesome video sales script that I couldn’t have thought up myself in my wildest dreams. I will definitely work with him again in the future! Amazing work. Don’t hesitate to hire Rod!”
Devin Santos, Humble, TX

Copy writer
“Rod was professional, enthusiastic and a great communicator. A pleasure to work with.”
Tina Spriggs, Klamath Falls, OR

Writing Testimonials: New York State FlagArticle Writer
“Rod is a good provider. He is very professional and courteous. He listened to our directions and followed them well.”
Jeff Mourn, New York, NY

“Rod was a pleasure to work with and has become a friend in the process. I highly recommend him to you.”
Matthew Payne, Australia

Writing Testimonials: Minnesota State FlagWriter
“A delight! Prompt, intuitive, quality work.”
Marnie Swedberg, Warroad, MN

Senior Writer
“Rod completed the job efficiently, competently, and professionally. His command of the English language is unmatched as well as his research abilities. I highly recommend this provider and will definitely hire him again!”
Chris Hanus, WOTR Publishing, Canada

Creative Writer
“The quality of Rod’s work is really top notch!”
Sascha H., Netherlands

Writing Testimonials: Florida State Flag“Great job and very well written.”
Michael Paim, Milestone Global Data, LLC, Deerfield, FL

“Great job.”
Paul Baek, Beacon Education LLC, Palisades Park, NJ

Writing Testimonials: Canada FlagAdvertisement Re-Writer
“Rod did a phenomenal job! He re-wrote the content exactly as needed. Couldn’t have done it better myself! Thanks Rod—highly recommended!”
Ryan Shea, Canada

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And What Some of My Writing Peers Have to Say

Writing Testimonials: Oklahoma State Flag“I can say without reservation that the article is great. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about, and the logic seems sound. You are, without doubt, a great spokesman for [the topic]. These are not just flowery phrases — I mean every word I say. You have a way of making difficult concepts sound relatively simple.”
R. Cedric Leonard, Oklahoma

Writing Testimonials: UK Flag“Very good. Very thorough. Needs wider readership.”
Deacon M., Bristol, UK

Writing Testimonials: Florida State Flag“What a complete article, full of details and intriguing information. Overall excellent.”
Luis E. Gonzalez, Miami, FL

Writing Testimonials: Croatia Flag“I enjoyed learning so much more about True Love. Informative and interesting about what most people take for granted.”
Devika Primić, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Writing Testimonials: Australia Flag“Great insights into the true meaning of love.”
John Hansen, Queensland, Australia

Writing Testimonials: Mexico Flag“Well! You certainly impress me! I will have to either send my MBA back to the university where I got it or sign up for post grad courses. This was absolutely fascinating (and humbling) and I will be back for more. Truly, many thanks.”
Marilyn Alexander, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Writing Testimonials: Illinois Flag“Man, you are some kind of genius! I enjoyed your explication of mathematics. I have always loved numbers.”
James A. Watkins, Chicago, IL

Writing Testimonials: Scotland Flag“Nicely done. I think it is a pity that numbers, and mathematics in general, are so misunderstood.”
Dave McClure, Kyle, Scotland

Writing Testimonials: Oklahoma State Flag“The views you present in this article seem more spot on than any other I’ve read so far. Great article! Delightful way you have of making what might be a boring subject quite entertaining!”
Joanna McKenna, Oklahoma

Writing Testimonials: Texas Flag“You are dealing with a critical issue in these days of ‘professional’ victims. Your solution is a breath of fresh air—both sides need to take responsibility. There are times when, as a teacher, I want to open a skull and pour in some information. I feel the same way about this issue. People wallowing in their victimhood may feel justified, but they are drowning in their misery. They need this understanding poured into their minds! A great read! I enjoyed it and agree with you heartily!”
Betty Johansen, Texas

Writing Testimonials: Georgia Flag“Deep stuff and I have not seen the ego presented the way you prescient it. This one I will have to come back and reread!”
William Benner, Savannah, GA

Writing Testimonials: UK Flag“This is a really well-written article with some invaluable advice.”
Doc Wordinger, Manchester, UK

Writing Testimonials: California Flag“An instruction in reason/critical thinking… Very interesting! I too like the way you think… This one convinced me to follow your work!”
Bill Blackburn, Twentynine Palms, CA

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