Humble Confidence — Critical Distinctions

Some time ago, I wrote an article on humble confidence that created its share of confusion and disagreements. This revealed several things: The inadequacy of the human language to discuss spiritual things, The lack of skill of the writer, and The lack of sufficient creative intelligence of the reader to bridge the communication gap. Even … More Humble Confidence — Critical Distinctions

Rising Above the Physical — No Longer a Cog in the Machine

So long as we are trapped by desires and fears, we will remain a cog in the machine of physical reality. We will have zero free will, except for one direction, and one direction only. That direction can be described quite simply as “giving up self-concern.” This is also equivalent to giving up the false, … More Rising Above the Physical — No Longer a Cog in the Machine

The Atheists’ Paradox

Atheists have long been faced with a paradox of which they have remained entirely blind. After decades of contemplation, only a couple of days ago did I finally realize this paradox with such clarity. So, I’m not surprised that the very people who need this understanding the most, and who avoid it the most fervently, have not yet found it. … More The Atheists’ Paradox