The Atheists’ Paradox

Atheists have long been faced with a paradox of which they have remained entirely blind. After decades of contemplation, only a couple of days ago did I finally realize this paradox with such clarity. So, I’m not surprised that the very people who need this understanding the most, and who avoid it the most fervently, have not yet found it. … More The Atheists’ Paradox

Finding Happiness in an Increasingly Crazy World

Finding happiness seems more and more difficult for more and more people, these days. Jobless rates have skyrocketed over the last several years. Government statistics don’t seem to reflect those who have given up the search. Many crime rates seem to be down, but the perpetual state of war is now more than 14 years … More Finding Happiness in an Increasingly Crazy World

Humble Confidence

In the history of this world, the most admired individuals have been the heroes. What sets them apart? How are they so special? Some of the characteristics are selflessness, sacrifice, and humble confidence. These are good things to emulate, but they’re not easy. Personally, I have too much ego. Oh, well. When I first thought … More Humble Confidence