Atlantis Quest — Relocated Website

Temple of Ceres (Athena), Paestum
Temple of Ceres (Athena), 500 BC, Paestum by Dave & Margie Hill (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Cumulus humilis clouds by Toby Hudson (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Besides ghostwriting books and articles for my clients, and writing my own books, I try to produce educational videos, while longing to get back to some of my software development—namely, my 3D astronomy software, “Stars in the NeighborHood.” The billion-plus, star catalog has been out for nearly a year (data release 2), and I haven’t yet used its superior distance information and millions of additional, nearby stars for my software. With so many projects, that one has to take a back seat for awhile.

Nearly two years ago, while continuing to work on my tome, Mission: Atlantis, a non-fiction book about science, evidence and myth, I noticed that one of my sources had disappeared.

The website, Atlantis Quest, was created by a friend of mind—the life’s work of an anthropologist from Oklahoma—R. Cedric Leonard. That website contained a treasure trove of facts, ideas and evidence, plus sources, for information related to Plato’s lost island empire.

R. Cedric Leonard
R. Cedric Leonard, Oklahoma anthropologist and founder of the Atlantis Quest website.

R.C. Leonard and I have corresponded perhaps over a hundred times over the last decade. While I never met the man, in person, I consider him a good friend. So, it came as a sad surprise to find his website gone from the internet.

Well, he and his wife, Geneva, are in their 80s and not doing as well as they used to. My heart goes out to them. Their age and website maintenance expenses were concerns in his decision to let the website lapse into nothingness.

I don’t know what his web traffic had been, but there were certainly many visitors. One of those visitors had pointed me in his direction nearly a decade ago. The site had been an educational resource for many people.

Weeks later, I recommended to my Oklahoma friend that I set up the website on a free hosting platform—WordPress. I would handle all the transferring, formatting and links. I simply didn’t want all his hard work to disappear from the web.

Well, I had volunteered, so now I had to deliver. And now, it’s done. The new home for Atlantis Quest by R. Cedric Leonard is,

If the notion of scientific evidence about Atlantis intrigues you, please visit his relocated website. While you’re at it, consider visiting mine at,

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