Being There

Two scenes from the movie, Being There, with Peter Sellers and Melvyn Douglas, plus the movie poster.
The movie of the same name, Being There, involves a meek individual who, by his very presence helps to solve the world’s most pressing difficulties. Scenes from movie and movie poster © 1979 Lorimar Productions.

One of the most spiritually profound movies I’ve ever seen was the 1979 comedy named Being There, with Peter Sellers (1925–1980) as the star. The movie poster suggests its spiritual nature, but the scene-by-scene depiction of Chauncey Gardiner (a.k.a. Chance the gardener), masks the true power of this meek individual.

The ironic humor of this film is that this mild mannered man, simply by being there, leads to solutions to some of the world’s key problems. Before long, Chauncey has the ear of world leaders. His simpleminded answers to their difficult questions are misunderstood, but therein lies the rub. The simplicity of his gardening metaphor opens their own minds to solutions that become incredibly obvious.

There is a magic to this film which is somewhat destroyed by the comical outtakes during the end credits. The director had insisted; Peter Sellers, the star, had dreaded their inclusion.

Even more ironic is the powerful idea that this movie reveals the shirttail of Truth—a glimpse of God’s face.

God’s Fifth Element

Book Cover: Four Elements of God
Book cover: Four Elements of God. Available soon.

In several of my books, I reveal what I had discovered to be four elements of God that had been required to perform miracles.

  • Unconditional Love,
  • Utter Humility,
  • Perfect Responsibility, and
  • Fearless Confidence.

In an upcoming book titled, Four Elements of God, I not only discuss each of these in detail, but I also expand on them, combining them much as science combines the four elements of the physical world—space, time, energy and mass—to derive other, derivative dimensions, like area, volume, density, pressure, force, power, velocity, acceleration and many others.

Four elements of the Ancient Greeks, representing the four dimensions of modern science.
Four elements of the physical universe: time (water), energy (fire), mass (earth) and space (air). From these we can derive virtually every other measure.

Recently, however, I realized that a fifth element is required that was too obvious to be realized earlier on, because—like air and gravity—we usually pay no attention to it. This fifth element is God’s beingness, or state of “being there.”

Exercising the State of ‘Being There’

In Scientology, one of the painful drudgeries involved the drill used to exercise our ability to “Be Here.” This was Training Routine Zero, or TR-0.

Only years later did I learn that people had been doing it incorrectly. The founder of Scientology discovered this and attempted to set people straight on the fact that they were making it entirely too difficult.

Still, I gained a great deal of benefit from doing TR-0 incorrectly. I was able to blow through mountains of “not being there” that manifested itself as pains, discomforts, pressures, twitches, drowsiness and more.

When most humans first hear about this amazing drill, they tend to scoff at it, thinking, “Everyone is ‘being here.’ What’s the big deal?”

Well, the big deal is that not everyone is “being here,” especially when faced with difficult problems or scary situations.

Facing thorny circumstances takes the ability not to react to them. Most people freak out when faced with imminent, immediate death. That is being a meat body—a cog in the machine of physical reality. Solving such problems requires being free. And such freedom only comes from finding Truth.

Finding Truth only comes when we are acting as spirit. In other words, “Being There!” Not being last Tuesday’s car accident, or last lifetime’s indiscretion.

Chickens! Which came first: Egg or chicken?
Puzzle of chickens: Which came first? Adults: Klimkin; Egg: Myriams-Fotos; Chicks: CongerDesign. All (CC0) Pixabay.

Sometimes, it may seem a bit like the “chicken or egg” question—Which comes first?

On the “chicken or egg” question, it’s the egg that came first. That which laid the egg was an “almost chicken”—a 99.999999% chicken on its way to becoming a 100% chicken with the freshly laid egg. That may have occurred a million or more years ago.

On the topic of “spirit or freedom,” the answer is somewhat different. Both happen at the same time. By gaining freedom, we achieve the Holy Spirit. By achieving the Holy Spirit, we gain freedom—we are suddenly viewing the world-at-large through the viewpoint of our true self—the usually sleeping child of God within.

The Position of Strength—Being There

Like the balanced position in martial arts, sometimes called “the horse,” we need to find this middle ground between overreaching and flinching—between desire and fear.

This is the humble position of being without ego. This is confidence without arrogance. This is love that is unconditional, generous and never selfish.

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