Big Conspiracies in History

Assassination of Julius Caesar after a conspiracy between some 60 men.
Assassination of Julius Caesar was preceded by a conspiracy between as many as 60 men. Painting: Karl Theodor von Piloty, 1865 (PD)

By the time you finish reading this sentence there will have been roughly 1,500 new conspiracies started, on average, somewhere in the world. It’s quite odd that so many Americans and even some western Europeans treat the topic of conspiracies as if it were about fantasies or kooky delusions.

No. That so many people feel this way is the product of social programming thanks to the CIA and the Deep State psychopaths who work for the Globalist-Leftist owners of the big, publicly-traded corporations. Does that sound like something a “conspiracy theorist” would come up with? How about a “conspiracy factualist”—someone who deals with facts instead of only conjecture?

But what is a conspiracy? Quite simply, it is a conversation between two or more people for the purpose of doing something unethical or illegal. Most everyone on Earth is a little bit selfish. Some unethical or illegal projects require more than one person if they are ever to be done. The moment anyone in a group starts to talk about such a project, a conspiracy has started. So, what’s so kooky about that. Why has our society come to associate anything so common and ordinary with ridicule and “tinfoil hats?”

A conspiracy is merely the product of group selfishness. Communication is essential for a group to coordinate actions on such a project.

Twin Towers burning on 9/11, after several conspiracies.
Several conspiracies preceded the events of 9/11. 02 WTC smoking on 9/11. Photo: Michael Foran (CC BY 2.0).

Big Conspiracy: 9/11

One of the biggest conspiracies in history was that of 9/11. Ironically, the news media blamed it on Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden within minutes of the event. There wasn’t enough time to begin an investigation, much less complete one. Bin Laden and his fellow Al Qaeda freedom fighters had apparently conspired to attack America. The problem is, though Bin Laden had seemed quite open about other attacks acknowledging his own participation, he denied having had anything to do with 9/11—the 2001 attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon.

Even more ironic is the fact that America went to war with Afghanistan over the fact that the Taliban of that country had supported and protected Osama Bin Laden, but refused to supply proof of Bin Laden’s involvement. The Taliban stated that they would gladly hand Bin Laden over to a third party, if only the United States could show proof of involvement. I don’t know which is worse—American blood lust or starting and continuing a war without sufficient evidence to prove involvement in a court of international law.

And more ironic, still, was the fact that President Bush warned others not to entertain “conspiracy theories” about 9/11, even though he and his administration pushed their own conspiracy theories as if they were fact.

We now know that 9/11 was an inside job and that Muslims had not had anything to do with the criminal events on that day.

All 3 buildings in New York City were brought down by explosives and thermitic charges that had been planted in the buildings weeks earlier. We have an estimated more than 7,000 metric tons of particles that had been molten and atomized iron during the collapse of WTC 1, 2 and 7. I discuss this evidence in greater detail in my book Favorable Incompetence, and in my article on debunking the 9/11 myth of “no thermite.”

I’ll dive deeper into some of the details of 9/11 in my next blog article on 9/11 itself.

Big Conspiracy: George Washington Assassination Attempt

George Washington with horse. At least one conspiracy had been made to kill him.
At least one conspiracy plotted to assassinate George Washington. Washington at Verplanck’s Point. Painting: John Trumbull, 1790 (PD).

When the Founding Fathers first got together to discuss the tyranny of Great Britain and what might be done about that, they had started to conspire to break off from the British Empire.

Many of the British subjects in the colonies remained loyal to the crown and conspired to stop the secession movement.

Some even conspired to take out George Washington. The world would be far different today if they had succeeded.

Big Conspiracy: Julius Caesar Assassination

Marc Antony's speech at Julius Caesar's funeral. The end result of an evil conspiracy.
Marc Antony’s oration at Caesar’s funeral. Painting: George Edward Robertson, 1890s (PD).

Julius Caesar was a popular, highly successful general of the late Roman Republic. He was also highly egotistical, imagining himself to be emperor material. Some in Rome did not like anyone with that much power, especially if they wanted it so openly. How his nephew and adopted son, Octavian, managed to be emperor for 40 years is a topic of political stealth and cunning. Octavian never openly declared his desire to be emperor. In fact, he never openly talked about being emperor. For his public image, Octavian was merely bowing to the will of the people, of which he was a reluctant servant. This sounds all too much like the rise of Senator Palpatine in the Star Wars franchise of space fiction.

Julius was ambitious and some in government feared that ambition enough to put their knives to the test.

According to the Roman historian, Eutropius, roughly 5 dozen men participated in the murder. Caesar was stabbed 23 times by his assassins.

Did those men suddenly find themselves standing there in the Senate building, talking amiably with Julius Caesar and just as suddenly decide, independently of one another, to commit murder on this would-be emperor?

Not at all. They had conspired in advance of the deed. They had talked about doing the unethical and illegal deed amongst themselves.

What is so spooky or fantastic about such a conversation? It’s none of the above. It’s merely an act of selfishness to discuss doing something for selfish gain.

Troops leaving landing craft on D-Day, Omaha Beach.
Into the Jaws of Death! Because of countless conspiracies, these brave young men risked their lives on D-Day attacking Omaha Beach. Chief Photographer’s Mate (CPHoM) Robert F. Sargent (PD).

Big Conspiracies: War!

Every war starts with at least one conspiracy. Someone in one country wants to gain the upper hand, to gain territory or resources. They can’t do it all by themselves. They need the help of dozens to plan the event, and the help of thousands under their collective commands.

The Revolutionary War began with secret talks amongst the Founding Fathers of these United States. Conspiracy? You bet. Sometimes good people need to conspire when bad people want to control everything.

In the days of ancient Rome, senators would stand on a map of their world and have someone else, pretending to be from a rival country, slap the senator, thus gaining justification for a war on that other land. Such play-acting was also a conspiracy.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt conspired to pressure the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. FDR knew there would be an attack and American deaths. He counted on it. He needed the outrage from the American public demanding involvement in the war, just as President Wilson had needed the outrage over the German sinking of the Lusitania. Germans had warned passengers not to board the ill-fated ship. They warned that they knew munitions were on board. They warned that they would have no choice but to shoot at the ship. And the British had conspired to place bombs in the hull at a certain place so that one shot would be all that was needed to sink the unsinkable ship. Divers, decades later, found that the hull of the Lusitania showed the explosion was from the inside out, rather from the torpedo which struck. The British government, finally had to admit their dirty little secret, because they didn’t want blood on their hands if the divers accidentally set off any unspent bomb still on the sunken ship.

Big Conspiracies: Corporate Smear Campaign

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, target of corporate conspiracy to ruin his career.
Dr. Tyrone Hayes, target of a corporate conspiracy to ruin his career. Shown here speaking at King University, 2013. Photo: Earl Neikirk (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Too many scientists love money more than science. Yes, that blessed icon of civilization—the ivory tower that is science—is, at times, a cesspool of corruption and sleazy, underhanded dealings for power and financial gain.

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, however, didn’t want to have any part of it. As an African American, he had fought too hard to gain his position of prestige and did not want to jeopardize it.

When he refused to give Syngenta their chemical a clean bill of health, the chemical company decided not only to cut off the scientist from any future work, but to ruin his professional life. Hayes might never have found out confirmation of his suspicions, after years of public abuse. A separate class-action lawsuit against Syngenta kept turning up conspiracies against “TH” in their corporate documents and meetings. Finally, the lawyers were able to get the truth about “TH” and contacted Hayes about the matter.

Big Conspiracies: Big Takeaway

Because people are selfish, and because many illegal or unethical projects are too big for one person to carry out, conspiracies are a natural part of human enterprise. Too often, conspiracies lead to damaged lives and even death. Too often, the perpetrators are never punished for their crimes. We should not worry about this, for God will take care of them in due time.

We all have our own crimes. As ancient spirit, we each have murdered and conspired, cheated and ruined the lives of others. This is part of our learning experience. And we can put the past to rest by being grateful for the karma that visits us in the present. Only by such gratitude are we set free from the action-reaction repetition of such crimes.

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