Gun Delusion

Gun control delusion meme. Woman pointing gun with caption telling how criminals don't have to disarm her; politicians will do it for them.
For all their talk of women’s rights, the Left wants to make women more vulnerable. That’s the direct opposite of “empowerment.” This is part of the gun delusion.

Warning! If you are a Social Justice Wuss who needs “trigger warnings,” then you’ve been warned: You will be triggered. If you find the subjects of violence or profanity not to your liking, apologies, but this may make you a wee bit uncomfortable.

The Insanity of Guns

Guns are an emotional topic in America. Here are several undisputable facts on the topic that generate all manner of hostility amongst the hyper-emotional and intellectually-challenged of the world:

  • Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.
  • Gun control laws hinder law-abiding citizens, not criminals. By definition, criminals don’t normally follow laws.
  • Fans of gun control want individuals—men, women and children—to be more vulnerable to violent criminals. They may not consciously realize this, but it is the inevitable outcome of their actions and of their fear-driven policies.
  • Every legislator or politician who approves of a gun control measure is breaking the law! That makes them criminals for betraying their oaths of office, and for committing treason against the Constitution of these United States of America.
  • The 2nd Amendment, though effectively a protection of an individual’s right to self-defense, was originally intended to protect individuals from a tyrannical government.
  • The 2nd Amendment was not a right given by the government to individuals; it was a prohibition against the government from ever touching the 2nd Amendment.
  • A criminal bent on doing bodily harm does not need a gun to do so. They have hundreds of ways they can kill dozens of people, and dozens of methods for killing hundreds or thousands of people—all without guns.
  • America was founded on freedom with individual responsibility. Today’s hysterical Leftists and Social Justice Wusses are attempting to destroy freedom and to rip away individual responsibility, replacing it with group blame and collective victimhood, effectively destroying America as a uniquely free country. By this they are actively committing treason.

Some people in the world don’t want to hear logic. They only want to “feel” that someone agrees with them.

I had one client tell me that he grew up in the Big City with more than 5 million people and he couldn’t understand how rural and suburban people had such a fetish for guns.

The problem is, he didn’t want to know and certainly would never attempt to understand. Such is the self-enforced ignorance of the “feeling” Left. They feel that the government should protect them. They don’t understand the nature of being responsible, not entirely.

Ironically, I lived the bulk of my adult life in a major metropolitan area with a population of 13 million—3+ million in the one city of Los Angeles, alone. How is it that I can understand the logic of the 2nd Amendment?

People on Both the Left and Right Care

But those on the Left, they care. They sincerely care about others. Like many on the Right, though, they have blinders on. They can’t see the long-range consequences of that for which they wish. They don’t realize that they are being manipulated by master marketers who work for the Globalist-Leftists who want most of us to roll over and be dead—literally. Since most of us would normally refuse such a kind offer, the Globalist-Leftists are attempting to help us toward our own unwanted “suicide.” Gun control laws are only one of dozens of ways they hope to reduce the excess population—all Scrooge-like.

Here are some of my favorite gun memes found recently online. The picture quality of some is questionable. The statistics may be off, and some of the material may even be copyrighted. Fair enough. In most of my articles, I take extra care to eliminate these problems. Here, I’m letting them all slide to make a very big point. Some are funny, most are thought-provoking, and all come with a profound message. We’re under attack by some very clever, slow-moving psychopaths who have already planned to destroy America and civilization and have already made dangerous progress on those plans.

The Nature of Evil and the Gun Control Delusion

Evil is clever and reasonable with Moral Relativism and other insidious ways of eroding the Constitution. What may sound superficially reasonable ultimately destroys.

The freedoms Americans have enjoyed have now been employed to destroy those very same freedoms.

There may well come a day when freedom-loving Americans will have to decide whether or not they will become criminals of the minor laws in order to protect the major law—the Constitution.

History has shown us that when governments require citizens to turn over their guns, the governments then take their lives, too.

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