Top 10 Ways the Amygdala Effect is Destroying America and Civilization

Stressed-out man with hands closing in on him
Stressed out man suffering from Amygdala Effect and Chronic Stress. Photo: Geralt (CC0) Pixabay.

If you had a tool that could give you your wildest dreams, would you use it? What if that tool destroyed people’s lives and even resulted in the deaths of millions? Would you still use it? A psychopath would jump at the chance to use such a tool.

psychopath n.—An unstable individual who is unable to adjust to society.

psychopath n.—A person having a character disorder distinguished by amoral or antisocial behavior without feelings of remorse; psychopathic person.

psychopath n.—(Psychiatry) A person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts. Also called: sociopath.

Notice the lack of guilt or remorse. You might think that sometimes they make excuses to themselves for their antisocial actions—“They deserved it.” “They should have known better.” “It’s for the good of everyone.” “They’re better off without it.” “The world will be much better without them.” But psychopaths don’t need such “logical” support for their crimes. They know the difference between right and wrong, but simply don’t care.

Amazingly, good people rarely seek positions of power. The few who do, do so out of a sense of responsibility—to take on the burden of service. Some of these rare individuals have been assassinated for their efforts.

Psychopaths, on the other hand, love power. So, we tend to get far more psychopaths in power than good guys.

Lord Acton famously said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men…” Yes, he was talking about the psychopaths. They flock to power like flies to honey or moths to flame.

So, what is this Amygdala Effect? And what does it have to do with a psychopath’s tool to rule the world?

Brain diagram with position of amygdala
Diagram of brain with amygdala in dark red. Diagram: RobinH (CC BY-SA 3.0) Click on the picture to view full size.

Amygdala Effect: Brain Hardwired for Survival

Our human bodies—in fact, all life forms—are pretty amazing, really. Clever design and all that. One core system allows for instant, priority action to save the body. Sensory input goes to the thalamus which fast-tracks the information to the amygdala. If the input matches anything in the amygdala’s list of dangers, the body goes into emergency mode—battle or escape. This is the “fight, flight or freeze” mode system that uses adrenalin and other methods to hijack the body from the thinking part of the brain so that thinking will be able to do its thing another day. Without its rapid response times, survival becomes more iffy. This is the type of process that made one man jump into a river without knowing why. He saw a woman looking distraught, gazing into the water. After he was in the water, with tie and shoes still on, he realized that he needed to save the woman’s baby. Amygdala bypassed the thinking process and went into action faster than the snail-paced thought process could figure out what was happening.

Amygdala Effect: Chronic Stress

But what happens when the amygdala is zapped several times a day with danger signals? Naturally, it leads to chronic stress.

Here’s a “pleasant” headline from The Guardian telling us that we have 12 years to avert climate change disaster.

The Guardian headline adding to Chronic Stress

And here’s a similar headline from Vox. Evil global warming must be stopped.

Vox headline adding to Chronic Stress

But wait. It’s worse. A more recent headline from BBC tells us that we have only 18 months.

BBC headline adding to Chronic Stress

The original warnings in the late 80s gave us until the year 2000. Since we’re past that, the new warnings continue, but seem even more shrill.

The corporate news media simply must keep up its ratings and the only way they can do that is with ever more alarming news. But is it really news? How much of it is fake?

I remember one winter in Los Angeles, the rain was drizzling outside and I was warm and comfortable inside. The phone rang. It was a relative from Texas calling to see if I was okay. Fully 100% of the news about Los Angeles told of houses sliding off of hillsides and others being inundated with massive flows of mud. But how much of L.A. was suffering in that way? Likely less than one-thousandth of one percent. My relatives were being stressed out of their minds by a distortion of reality.

Oh, the news reports were real, but they were out of context. They didn’t show all of Los Angeles that wasn’t being damaged.

Children these days are being told that the future is bleak and that they may not live a full life. How cruel is that?

Amygdala Effect: Suicide

In fact, it’s gotten to be so bad that suicide rates continue to climb. Here are the suicide rates from 1950 to 2016. They were going down with the prosperity from 1950 to 2000. But then 9/11 happened and things have gotten worse ever since.

Suicide rates 1950-2016

Here are the suicide rates for men and women by age group.

Suicide rates by gender and age

And here is a map of suicide rates by state.

Suicide rates by state

There are many reasons for suicide or other insanely selfish behavior. All of them lead back to stress. Poorly designed prescription drugs messing with the body chemistry is one. Over-prescription of these can ruin a person’s life—make them psychotic and anti-social. Government regulations that make it difficult to start or to keep a business can also cause monumental levels of chronic stress.

We have an entire generation of kids growing up being told that they’re no good or that they’ve been made victims. Students are told to insist on trigger warnings and to demand their “safe spaces.” Politically correct language is making our youngsters weak and incapable of facing challenges in life. And when they graduate and challenges come knocking on their door, they fall apart because they were never prepared for such things.

One writer fell apart at the office because her boss corrected her spelling of “hamster.” She insisted that “hampster” was correct, because it was the way she had always spelled it. She didn’t need no stinking dictionary. She was right, damn it. Then, she called home to get emotional support from Mommy.

Stressed-out man suffering from Amygdala Effect
Stress-out man feeling that his world is catching on fire, suffering from Amygdala Effect. Photo: Geralt (CC0) Pixabay.

Amygdala Effect: Health Issues

Living in a constant state of emergency triggers the amygdala, upsetting the chemical balance of the body. Other body systems react to the threats caused by chronic stress, leading to more frequent disease, clogged arteries, heart problems and other health issues.

Mental health is also affected. The individual comes to expect bad things to happen. And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But worse, all of the attention given to the amygdala means the thinking part of the brain remains shut down for longer and longer periods of time. So, we end up with a person who is,

  • Highly emotional and reactionary (unthinking), and
  • Far more stupid because the thinking brain has atrophied from lack of use.

Think about those for a moment. This is exactly what is going on in our society, with things like,

  • Black Lives Matter—violence before thinking.
  • CNN, MSNBC and others—fake news and unthinking reporters who allow mind-numbingly bad logical fallacies to pass for news and commentary.
  • Antifa—Supposedly anti-fascists who act just like fascist thugs, no different from Mussolini’s Blackshirts or Hitler’s Brownshirts.
  • Legislators who make wild claims, like “Walls don’t work.” Like “Trump is a racist” because he hurt the feelings of a new congresswoman who said some very un-American things. And like “Trump is Islamophobe” because of the Muslim ban, which wasn’t because most Muslim countries were not banned and two of the countries on the list were not Muslim. Details like these seem to go right over their heads.
  • Social Justice Warriors (or Wusses)—Student activists who disrupt the meetings of others with whom they disagree. Instead of learning debating techniques and critical thinking, they use logical fallacies, loud noise and voices, and physical violence to get their way.

Amygdala Effect: A Tool to Do What?

Remember the start of this article? Remember the psychopath’s dream—a tool to let them gain their heart’s desire. What would be their “wildest dream?” Naturally, it would be ultimate power—the power of ownership and control of the entire planet and all of civilization.

One part of this group of psychopaths are the Rockefeller family members. They are, by no means, the only ones. There are dozens of families and hundreds of individuals who share the common goal of conquest. And they’ve been working on this project for over 200 years.

This is the reason they started the United Nations. And if you read the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, you will understand just how chilling their goals are. No more personal liberty. No more private ownership. No more freedom of movement. You are either a Lord of the Neo-Feudalism or you are a serf (slave). Well, there is one other possibility: Dead. They reserve that category for about 95% of the current population.

Conspiracy? Sure, there’s plenty of that. A conspiracy is merely a conversation between two or more people for the purposes of doing something unethical or illegal. And since they have control over whole governments and even a large share of the American government, they can make their unethical actions legal.

In order to gain their New World Order—their One-World government, they need to destroy these United States of America, because it is their largest barrier.

Like they did to Europe—starting with simple, lucrative trade deals and morphing into a European Union—they intend to expand the trade agreement called NAFTA into the USMCA which contains several anti-sovereignty clauses that put the United States under the thumb of an international body. Eventually, they hope to dissolve the United States and merge it into a North American Union. American citizens won’t know how they lost their country. But it will happen bit by bit, piece by piece, over a period of years or even decades, if needs be.

Having Americans be less intelligent and more reactionary allows the Globalist-Leftist psychopaths to create problems, let Americans show their outrage, and then allow US Congress to “solve” the problem with a solution that makes the Globalists happy. They will even name the legislation something happy, like the Patriot Act, or Equality Act, or Fairness Act. And they will be anything but patriotic, equality-minded or fair.

Now, here’re the 10 ways the Amygdala Effect is destroying America, and since these United States are what stand between the psychopathic Globalists and the world, destroying civilization, too.

1) Universities as Places to Weaken Americans

Making students weaker, emotionally (snowflakes) requiring safe spaces, and never prepared for life and its challenges. The writer who was challenged on the spelling of hamster (she preferred hampster), is but one example.

2) Antifa

Giving youthful outrage an outlet, backed up by the corporate media and Social Media Tech Giants is a perfect way to solidify the Amygdala Effect in American culture. The Antifa terrorists have no remorse and lie about their crimes. A recent video by Steven Crowder shows him confronting a convicted Antifa thug.

3) Suicide Rates

More and more people are killing themselves, because of the stress in our modern society. They see no hope for the future, despite living in the most prosperous age in human history. Globalist-Leftists are using their corporations for maximum effect.

4) People Reacting Rather Than Thinking

Reacting rather than thinking when it comes to politics. Screaming at the sky when Hillary lost. Accepting the sweetest sounding legislation to “fix” a problem without thinking of the consequences, like Dan Crenshaw accepting Red Flag laws, not realizing the dangers that will inevitably erode liberties even further. With Red Flag laws, every gun owner in America could now be Red Flagged for whatever reason the Leftists can imagine. Crenshaw should have taken Critical Thinking classes before running for Congress.

5) Workplace Inefficiencies

Companies will find it harder and harder to produce, as snowflakes whose feelings are easily shattered are unable to solve problems. Their emotional reactions only create more problems.

6) More Divisiveness

With the Amygdala Effect, people are finding it easier to think the “other side” is evil and to hold onto all the reasons why they are bad, without being able to see the things they have in common with them. Solutions come from being able to be humble to the needs of others and to see the value in their viewpoints.

7) Poor Critical Thinking Skills

More and more, especially in social media, people are displaying a severe lack of critical thinking skills. They react rather than think. They use bad language and name calling, rather than carefully reasoned arguments. They can’t analyze statements made by others. Instead, they react to what they think it means, rejecting their own poor understanding rather than addressing the statement itself. They never see the truth, but reject the strawman they’ve created to represent that truth.

8) Moral Relativism and Other “Feel Good” Insanities

Thinking that each individual has their own truth may “feel good,” but it’s a lie. Evil does exist in the world. Some of those who don’t believe this have gone to the Middle East and were devoured by evil—killed for their stupidity. Moral Relativism has allowed people to justify murder in the name of convenience and to excuse torture in the name of National Security. The Globalists have thrown a monkey wrench into our system of values, short-circuiting the bedrock of the nation.

9) Demanding Safety Instead of Liberty

Benjamin Franklin once said that those who would give up liberty for a little safety will deserve neither. When 9/11—a Deep State, Globalist Black Operation—happened, Americans were suddenly terrified. Terrorism had made its way to our country. “We must do something!” And the Patriot Act, which had been written months earlier, was just waiting for a vote under the right circumstances. The Patriot Act shreds the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama said he would get rid of it, but he doubled down on it, once he was in office. Americans reacted out of fear and that is the worst kind of “thinking”—amygdala thinking. It ends up making slaves of us all.

10) Forgetting the Reasons for Creating These United States

The Founding Fathers of these United States were geniuses. They weren’t perfect. Some still wanted slavery. Most of the leaders didn’t, including Thomas Jefferson. But they established a system of government that was tiny. Most of the power was in the individual states and in the citizens. They knew that mob rule was just as tyrannical as any king could ever be. That’s why they built in the Electoral College so that states could have power no matter how small their population.

In a democracy, three wolves and a lamb decide on lunch. The lamb isn’t too happy with the result. In a representative Republic, the individual is protected as much as possible.

The Founding Fathers knew that tyranny was seductive. They knew that one day their brave experiment would likely fail. That’s why they added the Bill of Rights—the first being the protection of speech, religion, assembly, the press and petition.

The Second Amendment they viewed as equally important, for it protects the First from tyrants. Sadly, all of the talk in the corrupt Globalist news media revolves around hunting and sporting. Sometimes they even talk about self-protection, but never about standing up to a tyrannical government. Yet, the government has already taken on the trappings of tyranny. The abuses of government create their own levels of stress for many citizens.

Amygdala Effect: Overcoming the Emotional Hijack and Crippling of Intelligence

There are many techniques for overcoming Chronic Stress and the Amygdala Effect. Perhaps the easiest two and certainly most widely accepted are American Patriotism and Christian Faith. And this is perhaps why the Globalist-Leftists are so ardently attacking both of these through their news media companies and politicians.


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