Discovering the John Birch Society: The Need to Protect Civilization from Nefarious Conspiracies

The John Birch Society. Title scene from their short, introductory video. See video, below.

If you’re new here, you may want to know that “conspiracy” does not mean “fantasy.” Far from it. But more on that in a moment.

In 1966, I overheard a fellow high school student mention the John Birch Society (JBS).

Another student replied, “No. Don’t pay any attention to the Birchers. They’re a bunch of Communists.”

Imagine my surprise 53 years later to find one of their videos online and to discover that they have nothing to do with Communism, Socialism or any other Leftist ideology. Someone lied and the lie stuck.

For over half a century, I had not investigated the group because I already knew they were a bunch of Commie kooks. Boy, was I wrong!

In fact, I learned that the Birchers are dedicated to principles of honor, integrity, responsibility and industry—ideals in which I had long believed.

How could my classmate have had it so wrong?

There’s a simple answer to this and it involves a group which stands b ehind many of the lies in our modern society. This is the group which financed the Russian revolution and Hitler’s rise to power. They’re the ones financing Open Borders in the United States, Sanctuary cities and states, abortion on demand, mandatory vaccinations, pedophilia rings, climate change hysteria and much more.

After the founding of the John Birch Society, that secretive and anti-American group started a campaign of lies against the society. In the 60s and 70s, the lie was that they were Communists. Today, that lie wouldn’t work; too many youngsters and young adults are fascinated with Leftist ideologies and they would immediately discover that the JBS had nothing to do with their precious Communism or Socialism.

The John Birch Society

On their website, the JBS mission statement says, “To bring about less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles. That’s The John Birch Society. Since 1958.”

The organization’s identity statement includes, “We are concerned Americans from many races, religious beliefs, and national origins. Since 1958 we have been men and women of good character, humane conscience, and religious ideals who have worked together to safeguard the Constitution. We believe in the foundation our forefathers built and are dedicated to restoring it. With strong leadership, we work at local, state, and federal levels to educate others on the proper role of government. We stand tall in protecting American independence for future generations.”

Now, if you haven’t been poisoned by Globalist-Leftist corporate news media, entertainment, education and political pundits, you hold dear these same ideals. You appreciate the unique quality of these United States of America that established a nation on the principle of protecting the individual so that they may thrive. No nation like it has ever existed. But those unique freedoms are under attack. And that’s what the JBS is working against. The attackers have trillions of dollars at their disposal. They own numerous national governments and many powerful, international organizations, like the United Nations.

Finding Out That I Was Wrong

Many times in my nearly 70 years, I found out that I was horribly wrong about something. That goes with the territory, I guess. We need to remain humble in order to learn.

I used to admire John D. Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family. I used to look up to the United Nations, finding in it something akin to fictional Star Trek’s idealistic Federation. I was wrong about them both.

In fact, I learned that the late David Rockefeller had conspired for decades against the best interests of these United States. He bragged about his treason in his Memoirs. I’m guessing that he things his fellow Globalist-Leftists are too close to their conquest for the rest of us to do anything about it.

Civilization is under attack, and has been for centuries. It’s under attack, now, like never before, by the forces of evil. Those forces go by many names, including,

  • Globalists,
  • Leftists,
  • Social Justice Warriors,
  • Deep State,
  • The Establishment,
  • Mainstream Media,
  • Bureaucrats,
  • Democrats,
  • Republicans,
  • Climate Change movement,
  • Antifa, and
  • many more.

Connecting With the JBS

Here’s a short video about the John Birch Society.

If you need more information, you can contact them at their,

Conspiracies and the Need for the JBS

Evil people exist in the world. Surprisingly, many young people are being taught that evil people don’t exist. I had one fellow from the Netherlands chastise me on this fact several months ago. Since that time, I’ve heard of several Americans and Europeans traveling to North Africa and the Middle East to prove that evil doesn’t exist, only to end up raped and killed. That deeply saddens me.

Some of the evil people have lots of money. This is not to say that every billionaire is evil, but when you’re in that higher strata, you tend to bump elbows with a lot of people who got their money in an unethical fashion—murder, stealing, lying, cheating, bribing and more.

Many people are confused about “conspiracies.” It’s popular these days to ridicule any talk of such things. Mere mention of controversial facts and a person is slammed as a “conspiracy theorist,” a “conspiracy nut job,” or a “tinfoil hat lunatic.” These logical fallacies seem to work well on the less intelligent, but they too frequently sway people of greater intelligence who end up dismissing such things without giving them much thought. Even I have done this.

A conspiracy is merely a conversation between two or more people for the purposes of doing something unethical or illegal. That’s it. Nothing spooky about it. There’s no black magic or dark mystery involved.

Some have told me that not everything is a conspiracy. While this is true, it should also be mentioned that conspiracies are dirt ordinary—the title of my book on the subject of conspiracies.

Bad people don’t want their plans to be known, but statistics on known crimes give us at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second, on average. Likely, the full count conspiracies is somewhat higher. Everything from two kids talking about stealing cookies from the kitchen up to two politicians plotting to start a war—conspiracies take many forms and happen far too frequently to be dismissed so easily.

Right now, we have some very bad people who have conspired for decades against our wellbeing. They want us freedom lovers to die. And they’re not shy about it, either. With things like mandatory vaccinations, a never-ending war on terror, global cooling measures in an ongoing Ice Age and more, they feel very certain of their success. Let’s see what we can do about thwarting their smug arrogance.

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