Creating slick videos with Camtasia

YouTube video thumbnail for Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed
Thumbnail art for my most popular climate video yet, Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed. Click on the image to see the video on YouTube.

I’ve always loved movies—how the music, special effects, dialog, characters and settings created a new universe for us to explore.

Ever since I discovered Camtasia, I’ve been like a kid in a candy store. I can’t get enough. As a creative outlet, I can be found sitting in front of this software for hours on end, tweaking the timing, adding graphics, including the right music or sound effects, and adjusting the narration so the story can be told.

I’ve already produced a few dozen videos and uploaded them onto YouTube. My first was crude, with gag awful sound, a horrible camera, but it has received over a quarter-million views.

Life can sometimes get in the way of our passions. It took me 5 years to get serious about doing more. I had completed several other videos, but none of them with the same ambitious production value. Then I built a Udemy course on How to Create a Website Made Easy and included a few free videos on YouTube as teasers. I also created a few book trailers for my book The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom: God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood.

In 2016, I became even more obsessed with climate science than I had been. In the 1970s, I had studied climate science, especially how it applied to other planets. When Al Gore came out with his infamous film in 2006, I became a fanatic. But six years later, I discovered that Al and I had been horribly wrong. As so often happens to a fanatic when they switch sides, I became crazy interested in learning more and sharing what I had learned.

Climate science is basically very simple. The mainstream media has kidnapped that simplicity and turned it to the Dark Side. I felt it my mission to help set the record straight.

Now, I’m finally producing a new video on a semi-regular basis. It feels good to crank out this art. My most popular climate video now has over 150,000 views—Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed. I guess it must be the title. Very similar material in other videos from about the same period are not yet nearly as successful—Top 10 Reasons Global Warming is Good (1,300 views), and How Global Warming Made Civilization Possible (468 views).

But now that I’m producing about 1 every week or so, my videos are getting a faster start. It also helps to have more subscribers, and these have been building steadily for the last few years. I can only thank the wonderful people who have continued to show an interest in my work. I hope I continue to live up to their expectations.

Camtasia software
Camtasia screen shot from the production of my latest short video, The Four Elements.

Using Camtasia

I first found out about Camtasia, by TechSmith, when I did my first YouTube video, Why the Philippines will NOT be the Next Atlantis. I gained a free, trial license hoping to one day be able to afford the $300 cost to get my own copy (thankfully the price has gone down). But I got the next best thing: a customer purchased a license so I could produce videos for him. I still don’t have my own license, but hope to rectify that.

Recently, I became an affiliate of Camtasia. I figured that because I believe so strongly in their product, I might help others and make a little money to feed my video-making passion. If you’re interested in checking out Techsmith’s Camtasia, and don’t mind me earning a commission, then click this Camtasia link.

The above screen shot is from version 8. And the latest Camtasia, version 9, has even more wonderful features, including built-in green screen editing, so you can insert any background you want.

The software lets you control the timing of elements, add music, voiceover, special effects, animation and more. You can insert pictures and videos and compose a most wonderful documentary. Like any art, practice helps you get better and better. Even I can see the improvement over the years. Tomorrow, I hope to get back to my video addiction with #6 in my series, “Climate Change Lies Exposed.”

Here’s the finished production of The Four Elements. Hope you enjoy. As always, I love to get constructive criticism. It’s one of the ways I get better.

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