Book: Thermophobia — Curing the fear of Global Warming

Thermophobia cover
Cover of my new book, Thermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming. Click on the cover image to find out more.

What is the book about? It’s about the simplicity of science and the complexity of climate. It’s also about the politics of humans and how marketing can be made to sell even the most outlandish ideas.

Take for instance the notion that Global Warming is bad. An amazing number of people have bought into this. Likely they never knew that Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago. They don’t realize that Global Warming helps to reduce the amount of CO2 in the oceans. And Global Warming helps to expand the range of life on planet Earth.

Some Warming Alarmists think that Global Warming will burn up the lower latitudes if it gets comfortable at higher latitudes. This is entirely wrong. The reason is simple. Earth has a temperature regulator called water. Warm it up and more of it evaporates. This creates evaporative cooling. What’s that? Lick the back of your hand and blow on it. Feel the coolness? But with all that water vapor in the atmosphere, clouds form, creating shading to help cool things off even more.

So, Global Warming is safe. But what about rising sea levels? Yes, that’s a major inconvenience, but that’s all it is—a nuisance. The other alternative is death. Okay, so take your pick: Move or die. Which choice sounds more appealing? Let me explain.

With Global Cooling we could end up in the next glacial period of the current Ice Age. That could end up killing 7 billion people and trillions of land animals. If you don’t believe it, just remember that massive Global Warming—raising global average temperatures as much as +12 °C—12,000 years ago, made civilization possible.

With Global Warming we would have the benefits of more rain, smaller deserts, fewer droughts, weaker storms, and usable land all the way to the poles. Yes, coastal residents will have to move or to build dikes to protect their coastlines. But that’s been a problem throughout human history.

Really, the choice is pretty clear—warm the planet and move, or cool the planet and die. Some choice. And too many people don’t understand they are opting for death. Oops!

 If you’d like to learn more about the book, check out the Thermophobia page at the publisher.

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