Now is so Passé — The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction

Now: Buddhist monk contemplating the now.
Buddhist monk in meditation contemplating the now and other things. Photo by Tevaprapas Makklay, CC BY 3.0, via

So many people talk about living in the “now,” instead of the past or the future. But I’m here to tell you that “now” is out of style. It’s old fashioned.

“Now” is the aggregate summation of yesterday. It is the end product of all those old vectors of momentum that have collided to produce what we see, hear and feel as this current moment. “Now” is riddled with the past. It has the stench of the “past” running through every fiber of it.

So, what should we be looking at? If “now” is passé, where should you be dwelling, if not the past, present or future?

Your zone of creation—that’s where it’s at. This is you tapped into the Source of all things. This is you being friends again with the Big Kahuna—the Head Honcho of this universe. This is you being at one again with who you really are.

Living in the “Now”

Now: Einstein - great thinker on the idea of now, time and space.
Albert Einstein spent a lifetime contemplating now (time) in relation to space, energy and mass. Photo by Oren Jack Turner, PD, via

Living in the “now” is like being a slave to the past. Certainly, you have to acknowledge what’s happening now, otherwise you’d merely be living in a delusion. But you’re bigger than that. You’re bigger than the “now.” Your zone of creation is what powers the future.

The problem with most people is that they look to the “now” to get their input for creating the future. They create by “default.” They’re running on automatic. Their creation reinforces the status quo and by doing so, they become a cog in the machine. Not a pretty sight, that.

If you want change, you have to be willing to get outside your comfort zone.

“Comfortable?” you ask. “I’m not comfortable with debt and heartache. Debt is not in my comfort zone.”

Certainly, we’re not talking about physical comfort. We’re talking about spiritual comfort. We’re talking about the product of your decisions. You have decided that you are more comfortable “feeling” worry and concern. It’s your decision. You decided to be here where you are now. Your comfort zone is not something you consciously wish for yourself, but you have to take responsibility for it. Blaming it on circumstances or the government will only cripple you.

Moving Beyond Now

When you reinvigorate the joy of dreaming, your dreams cannot help but move toward you. The thrill of savoring your dream’s details opens the door to their accomplishment.

So long as you look at dreams with regret, worry or some other negative emotion, you are not living the dream. Some worry that living the dream is living in a delusion. They caution themselves and others to “get real” or “be reasonable.” But they miss the bigger picture. Every big breakthrough in civilization occurred by someone being decidedly “unreasonable.” They looked beyond the traditional way of looking at things and imagined a solution outside of the current “box” of thought. Einstein’s dreams led to Relativity and Christ’s faith led to miracles.

Creating Miracles

Now: A beautiful now with double rainbow.
A beautiful “now” with two rainbows. Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC BY 2.0, via

My marriage had ended a decade earlier, but I had been in no hurry to find someone new. After ten years of being single and no dating, I decided to make a change. This time, though, I would do it right. I started with a list of desirable traits, but I held only a few of them as mandatory. Which ones? She had to be spiritual and honorable. She had to place great value on telling the truth and she had to know she is a spiritual being in possession of a human body.

I looked far and near. I looked on the internet, because it allowed me to search a great number of traits with relative ease. Of course, my two key traits would have to be verified through getting to know the person. But a year of searching left me with no one and feeling no closer to my goal.

Then it struck me that I had been going about it all wrong. I had spent a year feeling lonely and frustrated only to have that feeling build my future. Like the old saying goes, you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. Rotten feelings cannot build a beautiful future.

In late April, 2007, I decided to feel “in love.” I decided to practice this feeling in every way I could.

The realist would say, “this is merely living a lie—wallowing in a delusion.” But the realist is wrong.

What’s the difference? The person living in a delusion is unaware of reality. Let that thought sink in for a moment.

So long as you are aware of reality, you’re not living in a delusion. This is one key difference between delusion and creation. The other key difference is that of awareness vs. attention.

  • In a delusion, awareness is on the delusion, while attention is on reality.
  • In creation, awareness is on reality, while attention is on the object of your desire.

Why this distinction between awareness and attention? Because awareness is perception (effect) and attention is creation (cause). Awareness is conscious thought, while attention is subconscious feeling.

For two weeks, I practiced “feeling in love.” I would go to the grocery or hardware store and pull out my cell phone as if answering it. “Hi, sweetheart…. No, nothing this evening…. That sounds great. What time?… Okay, my darling. Eight o’clock. I’ll see you then. I love you. Bye for now.”

Who was I talking to? My nameless lover. The girl of my dreams. The woman I’m going to marry. Doing this in public made it all the more real. No one knew I was talking to an inactive phone.

On May 5, 2007, she contacted me! Through one of the websites of which I had become a member, she left me a note. Hundreds of hours of chatting and less than six months later, we were married. I had quit my lucrative job as a software engineer and had moved to the Philippines to be with her.

Don’t Live in the Now

Yes, the “now” is passé. It is so “yesterday” wrapped up in a ribbon of vivid reality. With the “now,” you remain a cog in the machine of physical “truth.” You don’t want that.

Living strictly in the “now” is like being a passenger in the back seat, but no driver—only the grooves and bumps on the road to give your vehicle direction. By slipping into your zone of creation, you take over the wheel and direct your vehicle with conscious certainty.

Instead of being a victim of the past, start living the reality you want to live. Even if it isn’t visibly there yet, start living it, now. Do it in comfortable pieces, if you must. Take one thing at a time and practice it until you are comfortable with your new life. When an opportunity shows up, move on it. Keep your awareness on reality but your attention on the dream.

So, there you have it—the secret behind The Secret of the Law of Attraction. As a child of God, it’s your duty to snap out of it and to stop living in the now.

Make it a good dream and a brilliant reality.

Okay, now what success stories do you have to tell about changes you’ve made in your life? What questions or challenges do you want to share?

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