Law of Attraction and Turning the Other Cheek

Law of Attraction: Young DoctorPerhaps it should come as no surprise that the master of miracles and spiritual ascension should give us the wisdom of the Law of Attraction nearly 2,000 years ago. You reap what you sow. You get what you dwell on.

And if you truly understand what turning the other cheek is, then the Law of Attraction becomes far easier to use.

The real trick with the Law of Attraction is to take responsibility for your feelings, because feelings are where the attraction gets energized. If you feel anxious or worried, then you will attract more things to feel anxious or worried about. If you feel happy, you’ll attract more things to feel happy about.

Turning the Other Cheek and Miracle on Wilshire Boulevard

Law of Attraction: The Art of ForgivenessLate one afternoon in 1977, a miracle happened. The place: Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. At first, I was grumpy, frustrated and angry at other drivers for cutting me off. Six times within two minutes, other drivers jerked their cars, without warning, into the meager space in front of my own. Dangerous? Absolutely. Each time, my brakes squealed with hurried intent to avoid collision.

After the sixth time, with rage about to pop a gasket, I realized that I had created not only my feelings, but the events in my space toward which I could aim my frustration. Suddenly, I took 100% responsibility for their actions. All frustration, anxiety, worry and rage disappeared. It was now impossible for me to be a victim.

The next moment, I pictured clearly in my mind, wide open spaces and smooth sailing all the way to my destination. The moment I let go of that thought, the center lane in front of me started a rapid evacuation. In less than 5 seconds, 2 miles of Wilshire Boulevard lay empty in front of me, with the lanes left and right impossibly, doubly thick with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

For the next 4 minutes, I moved ahead without one person moving their vehicle into the empty space ahead of me. After that, traffic was sparse and I was at my destination.

From Self-Perception to Sculpting Your Own Feelings

The more you refine your perception of what you’re creating—especially in your feelings—the more control you will be able to exercise over what you create.

Undoubtedly, confidence is an attractive trait. In a group, who gets the most admiration—the wimp or the confident, but humble member? The confident one, of course.

If someone has a natural confidence that comes from within, they’re far more likely to stay confident when trouble strikes, than one who depends on external factors.

If someone depends on feedback from others to feel good about themselves, they’ll thrive when everything is going well, but flounder when things go sour. You need to develop within yourself a confidence that no one or no thing can touch.

Law of Attraction and Ego vs. the True Self

What does “turning the other cheek” have to do with the “Law of Attraction?” It has to do with viewpoint.

Did you know there are two of you? Besides the obvious physical component—your body—there are two selves dwelling within your personal identity. One of them remains asleep in most people. This is the “true self”—the immortal child of God, soul or Holy Ghost.

The other “self” goes by the name of “ego.” This is the part that is vulnerable. This is the part that dwells on scarcity and harbors resentment for apparent wrongs done against it.

Tony Robbins once said, “Those who always look for what they can get out of something are living in scarcity.” This is the ego viewpoint. This is the sense of entitlement and the source of selfishness.

When someone else does something to you that injures you in some way, ego flares up and resents that apparent attack, whether or not it was intended as an attack.

Turning the other cheek subdues ego. It puts you in the position of being more powerful than the perceived hurt. It swaps viewpoint from ego to the spiritual self. Of course, if you deny that you have a spiritual self, then you automatically cripple yourself.

And turning the other cheek thrusts you into the viewpoint of abundance. By turning the other cheek you are taking 100% responsibility and that makes being a victim impossible.

Everyone Wins

When you turn the other cheek, everyone wins—yes, even the perpetrator. They may not know it yet, but you’ve given them powerful wisdom. What they do with that valuable seed is up to them. If they squander the gift, then that’s their loss.

When have you turned the tables on your own ego? What was the result?

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