Civilization Restoration Kit — Keeping the New Dark Ages as Short as Possible

Civilization Restoration Kit: Parthenon
Civilization Restoration Kit: The Parthenon as seen from the south. This building is an icon of civilization and its fragile nature. Photo: Thermos (CC BY-SA 2.5)

This article is about developing a Civilization Restoration Kit — currently, a work in progress. Why would one be needed? Because we have already entered a new Dark Ages.

Definition: dark ages, n.

  1. An era of ignorance, superstition, or social chaos or repression. Example: a novel depicting the dark ages in the aftermath of a global war.
  2. The early or crude stage in the history or development of something. Example: back in the dark ages of radio technology.


The Current Dark Ages

For several years, I suspected that we might be approaching a new dark ages. Nations, including the United States, have been going crazy with war—threatening the ultimate in horror—World War III. Politicians have been becoming more openly deceitful and corrupt. For instance, President Obama condemned President Bush for his lack of transparency and then became perhaps the least transparent president in American history. He accused his predecessor of bypassing Congress and said he would never do that. It wasn’t long before Obama was creating law with his Executive Orders and taking the country to war against a nation which had done nothing to America, bypassing Congress and listening instead to the United Nations. I had voted for Obama in 2008 and quickly learned how much of a liar the man was. In the back of my mind, I had suspected for years that something was wrong in the world of politics. It took Obama to pop my bubble of delusion for good.

With the recent New Years, I came to realize that the new Dark Ages is already upon us. We have endured such a gradual transition that few, if any, have noticed its arrival. Many have talked about the pieces of this new Dark Ages:

  • 9/11 was an inside job blamed on Muslims (20% of the world’s population). Now, Muslims are kicked off of airplanes for speaking Arabic. Muslim refugees are shunned by many. The ignorance runs deep on this topic.
  • Our language has been mangled in the manner of Orwell’s 1984. American wars are now “peacekeeping actions.” Conspiracies are fantasies and all talk of them is ridiculed; thus the conspirators are free to operate more openly. Ironically, conspiracies remain dirt ordinary.
  • Society has been ripped along ideological lines and polarized. Corporate pundits have defined the groups which pigeonhole entire segments of society. By adding details to those definitions, Corporate Party owners can sway one group or another to think a certain way, playing the individual egos like a symphony.
  • Individuals have been dumbed down using a myriad of methods. Mindless distractions like reality television erode the critical thinking skills of individual people. Fluoride in the water and in toothpaste tends to lower IQ. Aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines and sprayed from airplanes (persistent chemtrails) attacks the brain leading to neurological damage and to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Mercury and other toxins in vaccines are creating an epidemic of neurological disorders in children, covered up by the once highly respected CDC.
  • GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are being fed to hundreds of millions, despite studies showing that GMOs and the herbicide Roundup greatly increase health risks, including massive tumors and early death in as early as 7–9 years in humans. Glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Roundup, has been declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This same substance has been found in drinking water, mothers’ milk and in children’s urine.
  • We live in an Ice Age that is 2.6 million years old, yet the United Nations, President Obama, NASA and thousands of scientists are pushing to cool the planet. They’re promoting a fear of warmth in an Ice Age. If you’re halfway awake, you’ll feel the unreality of this ironic situation. It’s a bit like a man suffering from hypothermia rushing into a walk-in freezer for a quick cold fix, when the ideal therapy is a warm blanket and a bowl of hot soup. NASA promoting this fear of warmth (Thermophobia) is a bit like someone promoting a fear of food to a hungry man.

Many people are choosing to be willfully ignorant. They choose to ignore facts that upset their comfortable view of reality. I’ve tasted a bit of this. For instance, I fell in love with Al Gore’s infamous film on climate, but that was before I did some digging on my own. I fell in love with the superficial gloss and rhetoric that promised “truth” and “saving the planet.” You have to realize that most politicians lie a lot, so a politician including the word “truth” in the title of his film should set off alarms of caution. Such a breakthrough only made me more aware of the fact that there may be many additional blind spots in my own worldview.

Personally, I’d like to see everyone survive the coming storm, but I’m afraid that willful ignorance may lead to billions losing their lives. Is there enough time to wake them up? Perhaps we can each do more, but ultimately it will depend on all of us together.

The Game Behind the Current Dark Ages

Civilization Restoration Kit: James Burke, creator of TV's Connections
Civilization Restoration Kit: Science historian, James Burke, creator of the much beloved TV mini-series, Connections. Photo: Andrea Mann of London (CC BY 2.0).

When I first saw the television miniseries, Connections, by James Burke, in 1978, I began to realize just how fragile is the infrastructure of civilization. I discovered how the failure of one small part—small enough to hold in your hands—had been responsible for darkening nearly a third of the United States. Our current world is held together mostly by forward inertia. As long as things continue to move smoothly, all will be well, relatively speaking.

But we’re on a collision course with financial meltdown. In 1913, unscrupulous bankers pushed through Congress, in America, the creation of a private bank which would oversee the creation of currency. Clever bankers created each dollar with a dollop of debt attached to it. The upshot of this arrangement was that the nation’s debt could never, ever be paid off. For if more currency was created in order to pay off the debt, new debt would automatically be created. Perpetual enslavement. With America’s debt now skyrocketing past $18 Trillion, it’s only a matter of time before the debt bubble pops and the dollar is relegated to the trash bin of history. With virtually every currency in the world attached to the dollar in one fashion or another, the entire planet hangs by a very slender thread.

Could this be manufactured chaos? The bankers who had come up with this strategy had known for over a century that you always finance both sides of a war. Controlled chaos was thus managed by determining the outcome of each conflict. The old gambit of Problem-Reaction-Solution has been played out time and time again with similar results. The ones who create the problems always have solutions ready to sell an unsuspecting public—cattle led to the slaughter. These are the False Flag black ops that alarm the citizens and make them angry enough to go to war against an innocent enemy.

But what if each individual were aware of the guys behind the curtains? What if each person had the skills to create a civilization on their own? What if each human being remained fearlessly confident and were not swayed by the fear mongering of those in power?

Civilization Restoration Kit — Taking a Bite Out of the New Dark Ages Duration

Civilization Restoration Kit: Roman Forum
Civilization Restoration Kit: All roads used to lead to Rome, but that civilization died. Forum Romanum. Photo: Carla Tavares (CC BY-SA 3.0)

When I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, I came to appreciate the unwieldy nature of civilization—a lumbering behemoth, slow to alter course. Asimov’s story covered an entire galaxy, but the lessons learned there can apply to our one, lonely planet. Civilization, it had been determined, was destined to suffer a 30,000-year Dark Ages of relative chaos, ignorance and repression. Psychohistorian, Hari Seldon, determined that this Dark Ages could be shortened to 1,000 years by establishing a group of talented engineers and artisans in the outskirts of the galaxy. They would preserve humanity’s collective knowledge and expand upon it.

Across the planet, in our own reality, people are preparing for the coming collapse. Survivalists, gardeners turned farmers and more are looking out for themselves and their families. Others, like the Thrive Movement, are creating ways to change the course of history so that people and civilization can survive and thrive as a unit. I feel it is important for each of us to become involved in preparing for the future. But particularly, I feel it is important for us to see what we can do to shorten the coming Dark Ages.

The contents of the Civilization Restoration Kit would include all of the skills needed for the task. Here’s what we can do. Have each person attain the following:

  • An ability to recognize evil in all its forms. With this skill, each person cannot easily be fooled by those who would lead us astray.
  • Humility, love, responsibility and fearless confidence. These are the ingredients of True Forgiveness—an essential part of building or restoring a civilization.
  • Skills to grow your own food, build your own home and civil engineering to establish infrastructure for your family’s survival.
  • Critical thinking and humility to learn new things. Without humility, we too often think we know all the answers and miss the clues that we may be wrong. Humility is the “empty cup” that allows us to pour in new knowledge.
  • Unafraid of change, but capable of telling good from bad change. Clamoring for change of any kind is reckless at best. We have to have the wisdom to know what will do more harm than good. Asking for change in the heat of emotion is also reckless. We must be unafraid of waiting until the time is right—when we have all of the facts that are needed for the correct change.
  • Lack of self-concern, so extortionists have no leverage. In my 65 years, I have found that self-concern is the root of all evil. Jesus called this “First” which would become last. Gautama Siddhartha referred to it as “ego” or “ignorance.” If you imagine any possible crime, behind it you will find self-concern as the driving motivation. When we give up all concern for self, and turn our attention outward to loving others unconditionally, only then can we put evil behind us. This isn’t easy. Even Jesus found it difficult.
  • Knowledge of science and technology, plus the wisdom to use it properly for the benefit of all. I love technology and science, and have for all my life. But there are many who would abuse nature and humanity for their own selfish ends. We need to balance such knowledge against the impact it will have on those around us.
  • Knowledge of the pitfalls of history and how to avoid them. My 11th grade world history teacher made it clear that the most important thing we can learn from history are the motivations of its major players. Suddenly, history went from super boring to a most important and exciting subject.
  • Forgiveness of those who follow self-concern (evil). Others will make mistakes. Some will even destroy for their own selfish gain. And many of those criminals won’t care what damage they wreck on those around them. We need not only to forgive them, but as part of that forgiveness, we need to take 100% responsibility for their actions against us. This may sound impossible, but I describe how in my book, The Art of Forgiveness. When you find the spiritual sweet spot, such impossible things become effortless.

Civilization Restoration Kit — Goals for Limiting the New Dark Ages

Goals for the Civilization Restoration Kit:

  • We have a socioeconomic system that is not based on selfishness, debt or scarcity
    • For example: No more corporations with stockholders. Such entities look out for themselves at the expense of others. Pure greed.
    • No more collectivism; instead, we use something like an altruistic anarchy (no government); or a spiritual monarchy, if we can find someone as selfless as Jesus or Gautama Siddhartha.
  • We have a decentralized societal management system that is not based on force.
  • We have an educational system that is based on empowerment and real-world skills.
    • Entrepreneurial methods.
    • Creativity.
    • Building.
    • Cooking.
    • Farming.
    • Scientific investigation and critical thinking.
    • Social interaction and superior management skills.
    • Innovation.
    • Thinking outside the box; and creating new boxes; or doing away with boxes altogether.
  • Science no longer allows ego to play such a large role.
  • Science uses a new operating paradigm based on restraint and humility; no longer skepticism. The bias of doubt is no longer used to manage the egos of scientists.

What Are Your Thoughts on Keeping the New Dark Ages Short?

Your input is vital. Why? Because we’re all in this together. Each of us may miss some vital aspect of the problems before us. By each of us taking 100% responsibility, then we increase our chances of becoming aware of all aspects of the coming storm. So, what observations have you made? What suggestions do you have? What would you add to the Civilization Restoration Kit?

Over the coming months and years, I will continue to contribute to this growing movement. The more of us who create our own movement toward altruistic goals, the more our decentralized efforts will overcome the ones with all the guns and psychopathic blood lust. So, speak up! Help us improve the Civilization Restoration Kit so we can keep the new dark ages short.

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