Video: Top 10 Climate Change Lies

Ironically, some of the warming alarmists claim to have a superior understanding of science, but they seem to miss the simple things. After I wrote a guest article for the most popular climate website on the planet—Climate Scares and the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ Syndrome—one such pundit commented on the article and couldn’t even get the facts straight. He was ridiculing his own misunderstanding, rather than what I wrote. Alas! Ego would not allow him to correct his own mistake, much less to admit to it.

But inaccurate or misdirected criticism is the least of our problems when discussing climate science.

My latest YouTube video claims to show the top 10 lies told on the topic of climate change. If your favorite was left off, please let me know.

Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed

Here’s a brief summary:

Lie #1: That global warming is bad. The fact that people and life crowd around the equator shows where the preference resides.

Lie #2: That manmade CO2 is the cause of global warming. During the Holocene interglacial, we’ve had nearly a dozen warm periods. Only one of them was caused by humans? Hilarious!

Lie #3: That Global Warming causes extreme weather. Climate records show downtrends for several decades for both hurricanes and tornadoes. Heat alone does not make the wind blow.

Lie #4: That Global Warming causes droughts. Isn’t it amazing how warming alarmists remain clueless as to how land ever gets its water?

Lie #5: That our current warmth is unusual. With most of the Earth’s temperature history looking like mountains and plateaus to our current temperature abyss, to call our minor thaw “Earth’s fever” only makes those who say it look ridiculous.

Lie #6: That our current level of CO2 is unusual. When plants reached CO2 starvation levels about thirty million years ago at twice the carbon dioxide concentration we have today, they evolved C4 species to cope with that starvation.

Lie #7: That the rate of warming is dangerous. How fast does a temperature zone move north during global warming? How fast does a turtle walk? Amazingly, the turtle wins.

Lie #8: That the science is settled. This has “shut up” written all over it, and accordingly remains the most anti-science thing I’ve ever heard.

Lie #9: That there is a consensus. Tossing out data until you get the right percentage is fraud.

Lie #10: That science is ever done by consensus. “Scientific consensus” is an oxymoron. Just because NASA uses it doesn’t make it any less anti-science.

And I had to add a couple of bonuses.

Bonus—Lie #11: That climate change is dangerous and must be stopped. When someone kidnaps a scientific term and gives it an unscientific definition, confusion reigns. Whenever I hear the meme “climate change is real,” I gag at the idea that anyone needs to state the obvious. “Air exists!” Climate has changed for nearly 4.5 billion years—ever since Earth gained an atmosphere. Perhaps they didn’t know this fact and figured that they had discovered something new. When I hear, “stop climate change,” I gag again that they don’t know what they’re talking about. You may as well stop the galaxy from spinning. Good luck with that delusion.

Bonus—Lie #12: That global warming makes the oceans more acidic. Question: How do you make something more acidic if it’s not acidic in the first place? I know, I’m nitpicking. But one vital factor most warming alarmists seem to forget is that warming forces CO2 out of the oceans, making them more alkaline. The question remains: which effect is the stronger: warming-related outgassing, or human-produced carbon dioxide being dissolved in the oceans? And when officials toss out oceanic pH data without telling everyone, that makes the lie even more profound. For more on that last gem, read Michael Wallace’s article at the WUWT website, “Ocean pH Accuracy Arguments Challenged with 80 Years of Instrumental Data” (2015:0331).

If you happen to view the video, please consider leaving some feedback on YouTube. Useful criticism can help make future videos even better.



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