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Thermophobia — The Disease Willfully Spread by Governments and Movie Stars

Cover of the new book, Thermophobia.

Thermophobia means “a fear of warmth.” This is a disease which has taken the planet by epidemic proportions. My own cure was not easy. It required that I humble down and admit that I was wrong.

Before my own cure, I was like those zombies in the movies happily spreading the disease to others. As an acolyte of the Al Gore strain of the disease, I preached responsibility for our planet, and accused those who did not accept that responsibility of being “irresponsible.” I thought I was being clever. But that was the fever speaking.

Here are the symptoms of thermophobia:

  • Fear of global warming;
  • Love of global cooling;
  • Ignorance of the fact that we live in an ongoing Ice Age interglacial;
  • Ignorance of the fact that the current interglacial is overdue to end;
  • A fetish for ice;
  • The delusion that polar bears prefer the ice;
  • Blaming innocent carbon dioxide for causing global warming;
  • Ignorance that modern increases in carbon dioxide are greening the Earth;
  • Ignorance that warming promotes more life;
  • Ignorance that warming promotes more rain, smaller deserts and rarer droughts;
  • Ignorance that warming reduces the threat of storms and their violence;
  • Ignorance that moving from endangered coastlines is far easier than feeding 7+ billion people from lands gripped by glacial cold and cold-induced droughts;
  • Blind hysteria to do something, even if it’s the wrong action;
  • Calling others who disagree, “irresponsible;”
  • Claiming that the science is settled;
  • Feeling that “scientific consensus” is anything more than an oxymoron; and
  • Ignorance that “climate change” is a scientific term that has become kidnapped and redefined to mean something entirely different.

Thermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming

Iconic leaves of, promoting the cure for Thermophobia.

After my own cure, I felt so ashamed of my own complicity in spreading this disease that I created a website and wrote a new book to help others find the cure.

What’s involved with the cure? Quite simply, knowledge.

The United Nations, Rockefellers, Al Gore, Obama and many others have lied about the climate, telling only enough half-truths to trap millions of otherwise good people in the clutches of this disease. The active ingredient which propels the thermophobia vector forward is self-concern (selfishness, ego). People don’t easily admit they were wrong, so they hold the disease close and pretend that they are doing the right thing. The creators of this disease were quite clever. For that, they deserve some credit. But their purpose was far from altruistic.

Biggest Oil Rockefellers started the disease, through their man in the United Nations, the late Maurice Strong. Clever? Why, they even started the campaign to have their acolytes accuse “deniers” of being funded by “big oil.” In a very real sense, the perpetrators of this disease were working both sides—not only aiding those spreading the disease, but funding some who were trying to cure it. Naturally, if you give one side less support, it will lose in the end, unless all involved become aware of the puppet strings being pulled.

One of the biggest lies was that global warming is bad. From there, they added another lie that carbon dioxide caused evil global warming. Then they added the lie of renaming carbon dioxide simply, “carbon,” as if it were dirty soot, rather than a clean, odorless, essential gas of life.

Another lie is that global warming causes more frequent and stronger storms. And more droughts. My website page, “Extreme Weather?”, pops that balloon of lies with more than a dozen graphs from science. My web page, “Climate Solutions,” puts the climate rhetoric into proper perspective. And here’s one of my videos to help clear up any confusion.

On August 26, 2016, my latest book, Thermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming, was released. It gives all the juicy details (medicine) you will need to cure yourself, your family and friends of this awful disease. Spread the knowledge well. And use your own critical thinking to improve upon the message and the medicine.

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